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By: Kathleen Rogers

Broadway-caliber production coming to Riverview, FL?  We usually have to make the trek to the Straz for an internationally acclaimed theatrical experience, but it’s coming to us in May.

The Cross & the Light will be performed at St. Stephen Catholic parish with amazing vocalists that will bring a Rock & Roll edge to the most powerful story of all time, how Jesus loves us.  Re-energize your faith through this 21st century, surround theatrical experience.  As Teresa Tomeo, Nationally Syndicated Host states, “It’s Les Miserables in Jerusalem.”

Take a moment and learn more about the cast that will be coming to St. Stephen. Meet the cast

Feel the power of the Cross & the Light!  Share in our joy.  St. Stephen Catholic Church is celebrating its newly built church.  Join us for this amazing moment in our history!  Purchase tickets today!