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By: Kathleen Rogers

His Love. His Mercy.  Many are struggling to bring Jesus into their lives.

What happens when Jesus’s amazing story goes through a time warp and arrives in the 21st century?

This May 18-21, The Cross and the Light is coming to St. Stephen Catholic Church for a community-wide celebration of the grand opening of the church’s new sanctuary. Jesus’s journey will be shared in a 21st century multi-sensory experience. By using three high-powered projectors, the walls of the brand-new St. Stephen church will be transformed into a virtual canvas, that will surround the audience in the beauty of creation, the majesty of music, and the wonder of God.  It is truly a “baptism of the imagination.”

When you experience The Cross and the Light, the audience finds themselves on stage with these characters.  Suddenly you become them. You identify with them.  And you realize this isn’t happening 2,000 years ago.  It’s happening right here and now.  — Stanley Williams, Hollywood Script Consultant

This dynamic surround experience is created by Environmental Projection. The Cross and the Light (TCTL) production team embraced this lighting effect when they discovered it was difficult to bring their Broadway-style set to every church.  They had to think outside the box, and in the process, created a show that you won’t want to miss!

Kelly Nieto, CEO and Creator of TCTL, notes that this is not your typical musical production.  She describes it as a “Concert Experience” with seven singers playing multiple character roles. “It’s awesome to see their character transformation,” added Nieto. The same actor who plays Judas also plays Pontius Pilate and the Singing Soldier.

Come and join us to see for yourself the 21st century version of Jesus’s story.  Purchase tickets today.  They are selling quickly, with some shows already sold out!